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Why can so many women just not “GET IT”?

Is it that difficult?

Truly submissive women who truly wish to please their Sir get this without being told.

Feeling like I sound like a bitter ole man today.

Maybe they just don’t “Get it” because you are not the one they chose!

Being a Dom isn’t about finding just any sub and demanding that they “Get it”

Its about finding “The” sub that is willing to give you the chance to earn her submission.

Its about understanding that each and every woman out there has her own mind.

Its about understanding that those women always have a choice, always!

Its about realising that sometimes you do not have what it takes.

Don’t beat yourself up about it, understand it, live with it, keep looking and stop thinking that being a “bitter ole man” is justification for thinking the entire female population should fall prostrate at your feet!!

Remember, you are Sir to nobody until they give you that title, a rare gift that needs to be cherished as much as the life of your sub itself.

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